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Emergency Notifications

Duke Realty has implemented a mass notification system to automate routine and emergency communications.  This notification system allows our property management team to send you information through multiple media: text message, email and voice message.

Notifications are sent to individuals in your company who have been designated "emergency contacts" in Tenant Connect.  Please make sure to keep this information up-to-date as Duke Realty is not responsible for ensuring your contact information is accurate. 

Once you have received a notification, you should follow your company's emergency response policy.  The notification is a courtesy and will not prevent a loss or personal injury due to the emergency situation.

In an emergency, please do not call the Duke Realty office.  Instead, we ask that you place a call to 911 to ensure that the situation is handled promptly and that all appropriate parties are notified.  Contact Customer Service after the emergency has passed to complete any necessary reports.