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Duke Realty Corporation Norman Pointe II(Sld 3/11)
Current as of 10/22/2017 11:17:45 AM

Duke Realty Corporation will defer to the local authorities in the event of an approaching storm.  If a hurricane warning is issued, local management will establish a time at which the building will be considered closed.  Building staff will be taking necessary precautions to safeguard the property and Duke Realty Corporation will establish a timeline for this work and allow for our employees to return home safely.

If you are asked to vacate a building, it is for your own safety.  We will be turning off all HVAC equipment prior to closing the buildings and we will also be shutting down power to the buildings.

Following the storm and after local authorities have given clearance, building staff will arrive at the property to inspect and assess any damages.  Tenants will not be permitted access to the building until it has been determined that there are no structural damages or other hazards present.